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Forget Me Not Fields granted permission for coffin burials

We're pleased to announce that Forget Me Not Fields has just received a Notice of Grant of Planning Permission to allow for full-body burials on site.

The decision was made by Wirral Borough Council on the 29 January 2024. The council noted that the proposed change to burial types of the approved scheme (21/01367) is considered acceptable and has limited intrusive development in terms of the overall impact onto the openness of the Green Belt and in preserving the character of the Area of Special Landscape Value and Heritage Conservation.

Next Stages

The planning notice is fantastic news for Forget Me Not Fields but there are a few more steps we need to complete before the full-body burial plots will become available to purchase-

  • we have commissioned a programme of archaeological works to be undertaken in accordance with a Written Scheme of Investigation (WSI). Due to the area of regionally high archaeological potential this is a condition of the planning permission and we hope this work should be completed by the end of June.

  • mapping has already begun to mark out the areas where burial plots will become available. This work needs considerable consideration to avoid the bedrock which has been located and mapped on some of the prior excavations. Full-body burial plots must also be a minimum of 10 metres distance from field drains. Tabulation of bedrock, borders from drains and other water sources and the insertion into the CAD software should be completed by the end of July.

  • the equipment required for the digging of graves has been ordered and is due to arrive by the end of August. After arrival we'll embark on training on a secluded part of the farm so we can practice with the equipment until fully proficient. We hope that training will be completed by the end of September.

If you haven't already done so then please email us using to be added to the email list to be notified when full body burials are available. As you can see from our timetable above we expect this to be sometime in September 2024. Plots will be available to purchase for future use or at time of need for more immediate use.

Plots for ashes are available to purchase now.

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