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Bimonthly Blog March and April 2024

The wet weather continued throughout March leading to little change in the ground conditions on site. Areas have been very soft underfoot again but fortunately we've stayed largely mud-free. Preparations have continued behind the scenes as we look to being able to accept full-body burials later this year.

At the end of March Matthew, Steve and Brenda attended the JCB Kevin Quarry in Staffordshire to have a demo of some equipment which we'll need for grave digging. A big thank you to Kieron at Gunn JCB for showing us the equipment on offer. We'll keep you updated when the new machinery arrives.

Back in the FMNF car park yard we've been continuing to improve the look and feel of the area by facing one of the existing barns and installing new roller shutter doors. Kevin and John have done a fantastic job making and painting the front of the barns and we know you'll get the wow factor too when you see it. We hope to continue work in this area to improve some of the other existing buildings in the forthcoming months.

And finally it feels like spring is finally here. The end of April has brought some sunny and drier weather and has brought flowers around the site into bloom. We particularly love the wild forget-me-nots in the grassy bank on the left of the new fencing.

We'll keep you posted on the work ahead in the next bimonthly blog which will be posted at the end of July.

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