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Purchasing a burial plot before you die gives peace of mind in getting your preferred location or being buried near loved ones. Widows and widowers sometimes purchase the plot next to their partner’s in advance for themselves. Another advantage of a purchased grave is that your family will not have to worry about covering the expense themselves when you die, as you'll have already paid in advance. 

Choosing where you will be interred or buried is an incredibly important decision that needs time and consideration. We invite you to visit the site for a guided tour to ask any questions you may have and we have lots of reading material to explain everything too to help you in making your decision. You should also discuss your plans with friends and relatives to make sure that the choice to come to Forget Me Not Fields is the right one for you.


Please take your time when coming to a decision- the choice to be buried or interred with us is never a pressured one.

You can arrange a visit to Forget Me Not Fields by completing the form here.



The purchase of a burial plot is for the right of burial in that plot only and does not confer ownership of the ground or any other rights. This doesn’t mean you own the land itself, it means that you decide who can be buried there during a certain period of time. You can choose to be buried there yourself as long as you still own the grave, or the person who does gives their permission. 

Right of Burial certificates are only issued for pre-purchased plot and each certificate is valid for 25 years from the date of purchase. You do not pay again or lose your plot at this time. All that happens is that we make contact with each other and you confirm that you still wish to occupy that plot. The reason for this clause is that people may emigrate or change their minds and if there is no definitive time on the plot then they would be left unuseable.




Once you have received your Right of Burial Certificate please keep it stored safely and let your next of kin know this location too together with your funeral wishes.

If you wish to transfer ownership to someone else during your lifetime or add another owner contact us and we’ll ask you to complete a Form of Assignment or Deed of variation and send it back to us along with the Exclusive Right of Burial Certificate.

If you want to transfer ownership after you die, include this in your will and make sure the person you are leaving it to knows where to find the Exclusive Right of Burial Certificate.

You can find the fees to transfer ownership on our funeral costs page.

Find out more about our cancellation policy here.

To read our Right Of Burial Explained information sheet click here.




You can download the forms and information sheets discussed above on the links page

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