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It can often seem a bit confusing when it comes to arranging an interment or scatterring. To help you along the way please have a look at the guides below to let you know what steps and forms are required for each of the options we offer. 


This is the process for pre-purchasing a plot for yourself or if you're purchasing a plot for an existing set of ashes.  

  1. Please return the completed Licence to Occupy an ashes plot application form. This lets us know what your requirements are and we will issue an invoice to you based on this- usually by email.

  2. Choose the plot or plots you require. This is usually done at the same time as a visit but we can assist you in choosing a plot without visiting if you require it. 

  3. Pay the invoice as issued to you. BACS payment information is included on the invoice itself. Once the invoice is paid we will create the Right of Burial for you. We’ll then invite you along to get this signed and issued.

  4. Sign the Right of Burial Certificate(s) You come along to sign two copies of the Right of Burial Certificate and we sign both copies too. We keep one copy and you take the other one home with you. 

You can find the prices for the options above on the price list here.

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