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At Forget Me Not Fields ashes can be interred or scattered. Interment requires a plot purchase whilst scattering does not. Ashes plots can be purchased in the wildflower area and most are near a path. The ashes plots measure 1.5 x 1.5m and are be situated within the wildflower meadow area providing a peaceful location with beautiful views too. 

Option 1 - Plot purchase and a biodegradable ashes container buried within that plot. 

This option gives you a physical location to visit for peace of mind and has the option to add a plaque too for memorialisation. If you decided to do this, we would need the container size before the interment for digging purposes.

Option 2 - Plot purchase with ashes scattered loose within that plot under the turf. 

This option has all the advantages of option one but works out slightly more cost effective for you. Prior to interment we would remove part of the turf within your plot to allow ashes to be scattered directly into the soil. The turf would be replaced on top shortly after.

Option 3 - Ashes scattered on site without plot purchase.

Ashes scattered loose around the field without plot purchase.  This is the least expensive option but doesn’t give you a specific location to visit or permit memorialisation. 

You can find the prices for the options above on the price list here.




In order for an ashes interment to take place you need to complete the two following forms. 

A Licence to occupy a burial space application form 

A Notice of ashes interment form 

We would also need the cremation certificate as we need to enter the details into our burial register and keep the certificate (please photocopy it beforehand if you would like a copy) and of course the payment.




As the main service has usually taken place at the crematorium or such like, the ashes interments tend to be small and intimate occasions. This can be whatever you would like to do. 

When it comes to an ashes scattering or interment then end of life ceremonies can be completely guided by the wishes, values and beliefs of the family and their loved ones. The ceremony can include religious elements or none at all. The ceremony can be exactly what you need it to be, perhaps including songs, readings, and the sharing of memories. What is important, is that your loved one gets the send-off they rightly deserve.

Our usual format is for you to arrange a time and date so we prepare the area for you. On the day you arrive with the ashes and paperwork. We go down to the plot and then the ashes are interred or scattered in your chosen way. 

You can choose to have a small service, religious or not, at the plot itself or in our lavender shed overlooking the natural burial site.

You may choose to use a civil celebrant to help you in this process and you can find information about some of these here.




You can download the forms and information sheets discussed above on the links page

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